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As temperature outside begins to drop and you start turning on the heat, the humidity level or the water level in the air in your home is decreased. This leaves you and your family vulnerable to itchy skin, dry throats, sinus problems, dry eyes and aggravated allergies. Virus’s will thrive in low humidity environments, increasing the likelihood of catching a colds, flu and upper respiratory ailments.

A humidifier added to your heating system can add moisture to your homes air, which in turn adds moisture to your skin and your nasal passageways. Decreasing the the chances of getting sick. Also with the correct humidity levels you can set the temperature lower, saving you fuel.

MPG Mechanical is an authorized installer Aprilaire products. Aprilaire is the at the forefront of indoor environments. Adding a Aprilaire humidifier to your system will help you and your family reduce the chances of getting ill from low levels of humidity in the home. Let MPG Mechanical come to your home or business and evaluate and size the right humidifier for your space.

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