March 27 2023

Consumers Reports released the following information regarding Reliability & Owner Satisfaction for 2020 -2022 surveys from 18,172 customers air conditioning systems owned by members who installed a new system between 2007 -2022

It shows that Mitsubishi Electric has the Highest Owner Satisifaction in an overall study of these systems

At the Brand level, Mitsubishi stands out for quietness & comfort. Customers stated that, “Each area was just the right temperature when set and stayed there”

In this survey, no brand earned a poor reliability rating, but five brands did get a second to the lowest rating. These are Coleman, Luxaire, York, Frigidaire and Maytag.

Customers should take notice of Brand names when considering installing a system and note that they are the “bottom of the barrel” and the reviews don’t favor these companies.

Mitsubishi & American Standard are leaders in the HVAC industry with great products, superior customer service & stellar warranties

“If they had a better heat pump system, We would be installing it. Mitsubishi makes the process easy, affordable and simplistic. ” Says Michael P Gilluly, owner of MPG Mechanical

“Mitsubishi thinks outside the box on all aspects of the HVAC industry, constantly looking at ways to better the product for both the environment and the end user”.

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