MPG Mechanical has been awarded the Prestigious Preferred Diamond Dealer Status from Mitsubishi Inc.

“I have been servicing and installing Mitsubishi Heat Pumps since 1993. I am proud of my staff for achieving this goal.” says Mike Gilluly , President and Owner of MPG Mechanical.

“We know that Mitsubishi ductless units are the best in the market, with the highest efficiencies in the industry, but proper installation and services techniques must be in the equation.

With all the modern technical software and electronics on board these units, customers need factory trained and experienced technicains to solve problems.” noted Mike.


“We treat every customer like family.” After being in the industry since 1991, Mike see the future of HVAC only getting more complex and the need for quality techs is getting hard to find and retain.

There are many big HVAC companys that treat there customers like a number and I focus on changing that, so the customer know who is coming and feels Peace of Mind knowing the system will be fixed the first time.” says Mike

Having worked for a company that focuses on how much profit they can make as opposed to taking care of the customer is something I dont apprecaite, nor do my customers, and they feel it every time a “new guy” comes to there home and has to learn the system all over again. This costs time and money.

We have a dedicated team to service all types of heating and cooling systems.

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